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Within one week, I was experiencing pelvic painback painbloatingchanges in bathroom habits, and feeling full quickly while eating. I really did not know what was wrong with me! Could I be gaining weight? That fast? That was my worry. Well, after visiting a gynecologist, it turned out I had Immature Teratoma (a rare type of ovarian cancer). Yes, I had cancer. It’s a disease I always hear about but never in my life did it occur to me that it could happen to me, well at least not at this age. I was 25, recently married and a career-oriented woman.

After having gone through a surgery (tumor removal), all the tests showed I was cancer-free. Yet, because it was Grade III, I had to do chemotherapy to prevent it from recurring.

My husband and family decided that it’s best if I get my treatment at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Briefly, the chemotherapy that I needed was 3 cycles of BEP (Bleomycin, Etoposide & Cisplatin).

So I decided to look at this journey in a positive way and share it with the world!


Donna S. E.



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  1. Thanks for sharing. I also had stage 1 grade 3 immature teratoma at age 33. I also did 3 rounds of BEP. This cancer is so rare, Its great coming across someone who went through a similar journey…Hope your well.

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